Clinical Results and Research

The Eye Clinic is actively engaged in clinical research and the collection of surgical results data.  This helps to maintain a high quality eye service and extends our medical knowledge.


Brief summaries of Research and Quality assurance audits:


  1. Wachet Glaucoma Survey.  Numbers and types of glaucoma patients presenting to the outpatient clinic of Wachet Jivitadhana Sangha Hospital in Sagaing, Burma were studied in a two week interval in 2012.  115 glaucoma patients were identified from a total of 973 cases presenting for treatment.   63 patients had acute or chronic angle closure, representing a very high rate of angle closure amongst clinic patients in this region.  High rates of severe vision loss were also recorded with 26 patients having at least one eye blind (No light perception).  I hope to gather support and funding to create a dedicated glaucoma clinic at Wachet for treatment of  glaucoma.
  2. Anterior Chamber Bacterial Contamination Audit.  In 2011-2012 a sample study of 200 consecutive Cataract patients was undertaken at Manly Waters Private Hospital to determine rates for bacterial contamination of the anterior chamber during cataract surgery.  One patient in the sample cultured a single colony of Corynebacterium sp. (eyelid commensal flora).    No cases of infection were observed in any patient.   These results are reflective of good infection control and operating protocols at the hospital.
  3. Cataract Surgery Infection Rate Review.   A ten year retrospective review of infections in cataract surgery patients from 2002 to 2012 was carried out.  No infections were observed or suspected in any patient with a total sample of 1689 patients.