The Eye Clinic

The Eye Clinic is a general ophthalmology practice offering comprehensive eye care services for the communities of Manly, Northern Beaches, Country and Interstate regions.


We  offer exceptional quality of services at an affordable cost to the patient.  A discount is offered for pensioners (Centrelink pension card/ Commonwealth Health Care card).  Our aim is to deliver eye care services with safety, care and efficiency.  Our patients enjoy a friendly and personal service.


Costs are contained through our employment of multi-skilled and highly trained staff and a low business overhead structure.  All our equipment is of the highest quality.


We provide comprehensive eye health screening for all patients wishing to keep their eyes and vision in optimal health.


All patients over 50 require screening for glaucoma, cataract and macular degeneration, especially if there is any known family history of eye problems or visual loss.


Laser treatments are offered for many conditions, but especially as a safe treatment option for glaucoma (SLT laser) and diabetic eye disease.  We do not specialize in refractive corneal laser (LASIK) but will refer you to an experienced corneal surgeon if this is the right treatment for you.


A referral letter from your GP or Optometrist is required.  Please bring to the appointment your referral, any glasses you wear, list of all medications and any eye drops that you use.  Your pupils may be dilated at your visit so your vision will be blurry when you leave.  You may have to wait 1 – 2 hours before you can drive home.

Overseas Work

The Eye Clinic has a strong charitable philosophy and we believe in the provision of free eye care services to those in the very greatest need (the blind within poorer/developing countries).  Yearly overseas trips are made to Myanmar and India.


Burma (Myanmar Eye Care Program)

Commenced by Dr. Geoff Cohn at Wachet JivitadanaSangha Hospital, Sagaing Hills, Myanmar in 2001.


5 – 6 surgical teams visit Wachet, as well as other project sites in Burma each year.  Our team including Dr. Simon Irvine, Dr. Peter Martin, Sr. Barbara Roberts and Sr. Gill Grasso visits each September for 2 – 3 week interval.


We provide some 100 – 140 cataract operations as well as very many orbital and plastic surgery procedures each year, while seeing some 600 – 700 outpatients during our stay.  We support an ongoing eye care program at Wachet carried on throughout the year by our trained ophthalmic technicians.